What does Human Grade and Pet Grade mean?

Human grade and pet grade are two phrases that get thrown around a lot within the pet industry. Human grade pet products are discussed a lot here at Bugsy as this heavily aligns with our core values. This is a topic that can often leave us wondering… what does that even mean? And is human grade food even good for our pet?

We are here to answer all your questions. 

What does human grade mean?

Human grade in short means that the food is legally suitable for human consumption. All the ingredients and product itself, needs to be legally stored, processed, handled and transported in accordance to the most recent good manufacturing practices for human foods [1]. A lot of the time, human grade pet food will entail ingredients like chicken, beef, turkey etc. These meats make a perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner for your pooch and are guaranteed to make tails wag at food time. 

What does pet grade mean?

Pet grade is a term used to describe food products that contain the bad bits of meat trimmings. This type of pet food is often given the name ‘Maccas for dogs,’ and not in a good way. A lot of the time these types of products can be extremely fattening for your pup, with no nutritional value, leaving your pet feeling sluggish, tired and stuck with a dull coat. This type of food can be hard for dogs to digest, leaving them in an unhealthy cycle. 

The Bugsy difference:

Here at Bugsy, we only use clean, human grade Australian meats infused with Eastern Herbal formulations while consciously avoiding grains and starches. We care about your pooches' internal and external health and wellbeing. And while all the pet information can be overwhelming, we are here to help!   

Variety Pack:

Can’t choose? Choose our variety pack!

VARIETY PACKS | PUPPY Welcome Pack - It can be a nightmare trying to work out what the right things are to give your puppy to help raise them correctly in their early development. Bugsy's Puppy Pack to the rescue!

This pack comes with: Catch Me If You Can (70g), Chicken Thins (70g), Moo Moo (70g), Roo Puffs (100g), Mack Attack (80g), Beef Liver (100g), Lambs Ears (1 Pack), Bully Sticks (100g)

VARIETY PACKS | SENIOR Dog Pack - Having a dog is one of the best things in the world, but watching them age relatively quickly can be difficult for the best of us. Most dogs enter their senior years at around 7 years old, a little sooner for large dog breeds. They begin to slow down, they may gain weight more easily, their senses start to dull.

This pack comes with: Hemp Seed Oil (1 x 250mL), Fish Nibbles (2 x 100g), I've Got The Power (1 x 70g), Crispy Chicken Thins (1 x 70g), Roo Puffs (1 x 100g), Roo Spare Ribs (1 x 100g)


[1] Oba, P. M., Utterback, P. L., Parsons, C. M., & Swanson, K. S. (2020). True nutrient and amino acid digestibility of dog foods made with human-grade ingredients using the precision-fed cecectomized rooster assay. Translational Animal Science, 4(1), 442-451. https://doi.org/10.1093/tas/txz175

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