AIR-DRIED FOOD | 3 Reasons why it's a great choice for your dog!
Now more than ever, our dogs are a part of our family and we want to provide the best life we can for them so they can walk by our side for longer. Just like us, our pet's nutrition is the gateway...
Cordyceps: the royal mushroom's secrets health benefits (and what it means for your dog)
In ancient times, the Cordyceps mushroom was so revered for its health benefits that it was reserved only for royalty. This extremely prized herb is well known for its anti-Cancer and anti-Tumor properties, making it the go-to supplement if your...
Running Wild – The Amazing Health Benefits of Jujube
Jujubes (Zizyphus Jujuba), also known as red dates, are the fruit a small deciduous shrub widely distributed throughout Southern Asia. They have long been treasured in tradition Chinese medicine for the alleviation of insomnia, stress, anxiety and as a general health tonic.
Catch Me If You Can - Yes, that's the name of one of our most popular treats
  Active Ingredient: Turmeric Who did we make this treat for? Active Dogs; Service Dogs; Agility Dogs; ageing dogs and Breeds with a predisposition to hip dysplasia can benefit greatly from turmeric's soothing qualities. These can include Staffies, Rotties, Labs...
Restore your Dog's Inner Balance with Goji Berries
It’s a known fact that life can be tough for modern dogs. I am sure everyone agrees that on some days, it can all be a bit too much! Just as we suffer from the grind of daily life; stress and...
Exploring Ginseng's Soothing Powers For Older Dogs
Ginseng can give your dog plenty of health benefits. We explore this warming herb in this article.
How To Help Your Dog Reduce Separation Anxiety

Auntie Jo spoke to V from Zenimal to share some tips so you can almost immediately get your dog to feel less anxious when they’re apart from you. 

How To Stop Your Dog Pulling On Their Leash

Leash pulling is a common problem, and the good news is that it can be fixed very quickly. 
Sibling Rivalry: How To Show Your Dogs You Love Them Equally
If you have more than one dog you might have noticed a bit of a rivalry develop that manifests in them fighting for your attention. How do you manage sibling rivalry between my your dogs, and show them that you love them equally?
How To Keep Your Dog Calm During Car Rides

Dogs can act crazy-excited when they’re going for a ride in the car.

This behaviour can lead to potentially dangerous situations, so how can you implement calm in the car? Auntie Jo talks to V from Zeminal Animal Therapies for some advice.

What To Do When Your Dog Doesn’t Want To Go For Walks Anymore

Auntie Jo talks with V about how to address the issue of dogs not wanting to go on walks anymore. 

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Depressed?

Depression and other mental health issues in dogs can often be hard to pinpoint, as your dogs can’t exactly communicate how they’re feeling to you. So it’s up to you to notice any signs they might be feeling blue.

5 Ways To Use Treats
When it comes to treats, chances are the first thing that comes to your mind is spoiling your Dog. But there are more uses for treats that will make your Dog happier, healthier and better for being treated that every Dog owner should know about. 
How Do You Stop a Puppy From Nipping?

Auntie Jo talks with V from Zenimal Natural Therapies to answer a customer question 'How do I stop my puppy from nipping?'

The Ultimate Guide To The Raw Food Doggy Diet

Too often these days Dogs are falling ill to diseases easily preventable by maintaining a species-appropriate diet. 


How Many Treats Should I Give My Dog?
I often get asked how many treats should Dogs get, and here's my answer.
Hot Asphalt Awareness: How to avoid doggy paw burns in summer
Even a short walk on certain surfaces, including footpaths, can cause damaging burns on your dog's paws if the weather is too hot. A scary thought! And one that many of us haven't considered (as a dog owner, it took...
Why You Need To Cleanse Your Dog

Dogs need a detox as much as we do as every day they get exposed to some very harsh chemicals that can lead to health problems down the track. 

Spring is the perfect time to get your dog on a cleanse and start their journey to perfect health.

How To Find The Best Dog Sitter For Your Next Holiday

Are you already planning your end of year holidays? 

We know you'll miss your dog and they'll miss you more, so the best thing you can do is book them a #luxdoggieholiday where they're not missing out on all the pampering they've come to expect (as they should!). 

Why Do Dogs Lick???

Why is everyone talking about Hemp Seed Oil?
The Hemp Plant Hemp’s been around since 2800 BC when it was discovered in China, even then it was already well known that the plant provided pain-relieve. Hemp cultivation became popular in Europe by the16th century. So this is an ancient plant...