Restore your Dog's Inner Balance with Goji Berries
It’s a known fact that life can be tough for modern dogs. I am sure everyone agrees that on some days, it can all be a bit too much! Just as we suffer from the grind of daily life; stress and...
How To Help Your Dog Reduce Separation Anxiety

Auntie Jo spoke to V from Zenimal to share some tips so you can almost immediately get your dog to feel less anxious when they’re apart from you. 

How To Stop Your Dog Pulling On Their Leash

Leash pulling is a common problem, and the good news is that it can be fixed very quickly. 
5 Ways To Use Treats
When it comes to treats, chances are the first thing that comes to your mind is spoiling your Dog. But there are more uses for treats that will make your Dog happier, healthier and better for being treated that every Dog owner should know about. 
Why I Do What I Do

It started when I was at the Vet’s saying goodbye forever to my dog Barney, who was dying of cancer.  

Then came the words that are every loving dog owner’s nightmare: “There’s nothing more we can do for him now”, the Vet said.

The tears were rolling down my cheeks and blotting on the paper on the vet’s examination table. I remembered having breakfast that morning but in that moment, my stomach felt totally empty...