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The Bugsy’s grooming range was created for the Savvy Dog Parent who is mindful of the environmental toxins existing today. 

An astonishing fact: nearly 50% of dogs die from cancer. 
Studies show that only 5% of these cancers are hereditary (some breeds have higher rates and some lower). The remaining 95% of dog cancers are due to lifestyle and environmental factors.

Cancer contributing factors can be everything from the food your pet eats, sun exposure, flea and tick treatments, and of course the products that you use on their bodies. 

The ingredients in the products you use on your dog are important, as the hair and skin serve as the first barrier to keeping your dog safe. If you allow environmental toxins to disrupt that barrier, you risk exposing your dog to everything from itchy skin and hormone disruptors to cancer-causing ingredients. 

At Bugsy’s, we strive to create safe and non-toxic products for our beloved pets with the ultimate goal of reducing the risk of cancer. Our Botanical Pet Wash is made with all natural and organic ingredients cleaning your pet without stripping the skin’s natural defences.

Using a safe and non-toxic grooming product for your dog is an easy step you can take to lower their exposure to environmental toxins.


  • Your dog's skin is more sensitive than yours and mine. While human’s epidermis is at least 10-15 cells thick. Your dog's epidermis is only 3-5 cells thick.
  • This means there are less “layers” to protect your dog's organs from environmental toxins, like those that can be absorbed through their skin.
  • A dog's skin (the largest organ in your dog's body) is not as thick as yours, a human’s.
  • The main functions of the hair and coat are to protect the skin and to help regulate temperature.
  • Sebaceous (oil) glands within the skin lubricate the hair, keeping the coat shiny and water resistant. It is important to not block these glands with ingredients in your dog's shampoo.
  • The pH of your dog's skin is 7.4 - 7.5 (more basic) while yours is 4.8 - 5.5 (more acidic). A shampoo that feels great on your skin may not feel very good on your dog's skin.
  • Hair growth and health are controlled by several factors including nutrition, grooming products, hormones, and time of year.


Created exclusively for normal to itchy dogs. Bugsy,’s Rev shampoo is crafted only with 100% pure and organic ingredients. Cleanse and revitalises your dog’s coat from head to toe bringing out their naturally vibrant colours while easing the itch at hard to get places. Expect a crisp refreshed finish with a hint of peppermint.

  • pH balanced to suit a dog’s skin
  • deodorises without irritation
  • contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • strengthens follicles
  • contains therapeutic grade essential oils

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