RAW MEALS | Everything your dog needs!

Developed by our canine nutrition specialist, Joanne Cooper together with Richard Patton PhD Nutritionist, our Raw Meal formulations are designed to ensure your pet has a perfectly balanced diet.

We refuse to use processed ingredients, unnecessary fillers and nasty preservatives!

Bugsy's raw pet meals contain only human-grade meats, nutrient dense offal and dog-friendly vegetables. Each meal is 100% complete and nutritionally balanced, so you can rest assured you're feeding your pets the tastiest, most nutritious food available.

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  • TRULY RAW; never denatured, irradiated, pasteurized or high-pressure pasteurized.
  • 100% "human-grade" meats and poultry delivered fresh from regional producers. All our proteins are ethically sourced locally within Victoria; supporting local farmers has never been so important. 
  • Meticulous quality-control measures & minimally processed; chunky grind minimizes nutrient loss from grinding.
  • Made & packed by hand in a Primesafe Accredited Kitchen using recyclable packaging.
  • NO added water, preservatives, flavours, fillers, synthetic vitamins, minerals or other additives
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
    Jo & Bugsy workingJOANNE COOPER | Bugsy’s founder and pet nutritionist 
    "Once I embarked on the journey of bringing about the best food there is for our pets, I decided from the very beginning that I would maintain my high standards at every step of the process. Having only the health of your pets in mind, I am very selective of what we use in our foods. Every ingredient has its own unique function and when put together, they synergistically work towards maintaining your pet's health at an optimum level.
    Made with love, my goal is to make the best, most nutritious and healthy foods for your pets. I'm confident that no other pet food can compare to Bugsy’s Pet Meals. We're honoured and so very pleased to be able to make these uncompromisingly healthy, wholesome foods for your pet."

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