Exploring Ginseng's Soothing Powers For Older Dogs

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You might have noticed the weather starting to get cooler, and your dog taking a little longer to bounce into those walks with you. 

Ginseng can help.

It is a wonderfully warming herb and contains strong antioxidant components can help your dog recover from stress, fatigue and illness. Perfect to help our doggy friends move into autumn.  

As dogs get older, their lifelong eating and drinking habits don't provide the nourishment to the body that they once did. Not adapting to get those extra nutrients means loss of energy, alertness and a higher risk of illness.

Older dogs need more nourishment, and that's where ginseng comes in. It's a natural appetite stimulant - so rest assured they won't be under-eating. It's also shown to increase the intestine's ability to absorb nutrients.

Ginseng is high in antioxidants and has high anti-inflammatory properties, helping to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Sounds awesome, right? But wait, there's more!

Ginseng contains geranium, which has a powerful hydrogenating effect on the body, essential in maintaining a strong liver.

Ginseng truly is a powerful herb that will give your furry friend the energy and strength they need to live their best life.

Give them that power with I've Got The Power!

A combination of ginseng and chicken, this treat is packed with nutrients their bodies and brains will appreciate just as much as their tastebuds will.

i've got the power

A perfect treat for older dogs aged 5+, I've Got The Power will have them feeling younger for longer!

To ease their transition into the cold months ahead, we are giving you 25% off our I've Got The Power 150g and 300g packs with the promo code WARMUP25.

Or, contact us to know more or if you have any questions.

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