ABBY'S STORY | We're smashing the doggy lockdown blues with a Flash Sale!

Abby's Freedom Lockdown
Sometimes it's not easy being a loving pet owner.

Because just like being a mum or dad to little humans, things can go wrong - and the care factor is always there. It never goes away.
This is not a typical lockdown story - we have a doggy one with a lot of heart. 
One of our customers was having a hard time getting their dog Abby out to walk.
Abby used to love her walks - BUT one day out of the blue, she stopped licking mum and dad's hand when it was time to go.
It was unusual. It was confusing.
Her mum and dad were worried because they're loving dog owners - and they didn't know what was wrong.
Was she getting sick? 😟😷 Did she have sore feet? 🧐😕 Maybe she got a fright? 😬😱
Something was definitely wrong because every time mum and dad said 'You wanna go walkies?' instead of flipping out...she just froze. 🥺

It was kinda like Abby was going through her own version of lockdown.
The thing to do was 'train' her back into her normal routine. They didn't want to force her, they wanted to do it with love. They needed something high value with no nasties

So they jumped online and shopped Bugsy's and they found exactly the thing that worked for them.

What got her to the front gate? A couple nibbles of Bugsy's Air Dried Formula.
What got her all the way down the road again? Just a few more nibbles! 🤗

Abby is now back to her normal walkies and insists on a heaping scoop of Bugsy's Air Dried Formula for breakfast. She's feeling more confident, her skin & coat are shinier and she won't even look at kibble again.

SO... Let's beat the lockdown blues with a
Flash Sale of Abby's favorites!

Use the code LOCKDOWN15 in the online checkout before midnight 12th August and get 15% off our Air-Dried Meal range and selected healthy treats!


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