Our Story


From The Desk of Joanne  

Pets have been an important part of my life ever since I was old enough to walk. When I was only 3, I got my first dog, Frisky — a black scruffy dog who who felt like my own personal guardian. Then came Frisky #2, a stray who would sneakily crawl into my bedroom at night; Frisky #3, a German Shepherd who I learned to play ball with; Basil, a Cocker Spaniel; and Olly, a Bulldog-Boxer mix who lived until the ripe age of 12. 

Ten years and a law degree later, I found Bugsy. A golden Labrador puppy, Bugsy stole my heart from the first moment I set eyes on him at the rescue shelter. His former owners had confined Bugsy to a small cage for 16 hours a day. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure: Bugsy is by far the most “human” dog I’ve ever had. He’s compassionate, playful and energetic, and over the years, has become the most vocal member of our household. 

As we raised Bugsy together, my now-husband and I spent much of our dating years caring for more dog breeds than I ever imagined I’d be able to in my lifetime. His mother served as Chairperson of Hong Kong SPCA pet adoption, and their home was a wonderland for me: filled with West Highland Terriers, Shih Tzus, Miniature Pinschers, Yorkshire Terriers, Huskies, Cocker Spaniels, as well as all kinds of mixed breed dogs. 

As with most pet owners back then, we relied on processed foods  to feed most of our dogs, believing that it must be good for them if it was so widely available on supermarket shelves. Over time, however, I started to notice a troubling pattern: the processed food  eaters started to develop diseases such as kidney and liver failure, lymphoma and intestinal cancer, amongst others. Conversely, the rescues who were consuming human-grade proteins and whole foods (the group who showed no interest in processed foods ) made fewer visits to the vet and generally went on to lead longer and healthier lives. The results were impossible to ignore. 

Taking care of these dogs and seeing the drastic differences in their health and well being based on diet inspired me to become a pet nutritionist and eventually, after many years of research and development, create the line of holistic, wholesome treats now sold at The Bugsy Shop.

Using the best of nutritional science and herbal remedies, Bugsy's products focus on helping dogs maintain a strong and responsive immune system so that they’re well equipped to fight common disorders and illnesses. Maintaining the body at optimum health is the best line of defence against life threatening diseases. And with cancer now the leading cause of death in dogs over 10 years of age, we believe that preventative care is not just recommended, but absolutely vital to your pet’s long-term health. 

Five years after launching The Bugsy Shop, we’ve developed a robust product line now having three product ranges being our, Treats, Grooming and Supplements (with more to come) all made with a targeted selection of all-natural, nutrient-dense ingredients which contribute to a pet’s health and vitality. As we continue to grow and develop our Products, our mission and sense of purpose is validated by customers who tell us that their pets are happier, healthier and more energetic after having switched to our all-natural dog treats. 

Bugsy is now 16 years old, as rambunctious as ever, and continues to serve as our mascot and inspiration as we strive to give all our furry companions the greatest chance to lead a long, healthy and happy life. Here’s to TreatingThemWell  

Joanne Cooper, Senior Lead Nutritionist for BUGSY’S