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100% Complete & Nutritionally Balanced
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100% Australian Made and 100% Guilt Free!

Bugsy's Pet Food & Healthy Treats embodies a holistic approach to animal health.

Our all natural, complete and balanced Air-Dried Meals, Raw Meals and Functional Treats are fortified with super-antioxidants, providing tasty nutritious meals your dogs and cats would love.

Our nutritional formulations are meticulously designed by our pet nutrition specialist, Joanne Cooper in consultation with a panel of Veterinary specialists, PhD qualified animal nutrition and herbal experts to ensure our foods are the very best your pets can get.

Whether it be health optimisation or wellness recovery, Bugsy’s Pet Meals & Healthy Treats will support your pet’s journey to better health.

Non GMO Mark
Bugsy Pets Love
All ingredients used in the making of Bugsy’s products are locally sourced and made in Australia to Australian Standards.
Every effort is made to ensure the ingredients used are from sustainable sources.
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Customer Reviews


Big Boy had them years ago for training and we kept going with them all this time - we can't say enough about Bugsy's Treats. They are a quality Treat, quality company, and quality service. I love being a customer of such a great business I know they treat us well also.
Thanks guys.

Gold Coast, Australia

Our Abby LOVES Bugsy's Air Dried Beef Formula - much, much more than the 'competitor' brand we used to buy before we discovered Bugsy's! Now, she literally comes running into the kitchen and starts tap dancing every time she hears the Bugsy's bag open! I feel confident feeding her this every day because she digests it beautifully and, unlike other options you see out there, there's absolutely no nasties. Thanks so much Bugsy's!!

Dry Food
Scott P
VIC, Australia

My two dogs love their Bugsy treats. My Daschund Esther is 14 and has Catch me if you can with Beef tendon and Turmeric and Zoey our 12 month old Cavoodle has Running Wild with Emu and Red Dates. I also give them Moo Moo and fish nibbles. I did buy a supply so we have not run out yet. Very happy with your product.

Beverley M
Melbourne, Australia

Micha has them all the time - she loves them.

Tabby Cat
Townsville, Australia

Fantastic natural pet foods and pet products backed by an amazing owner and friendly staff.

Beef Bully Stick For Dogs Chews
Jason W
Melbourne, Australia

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?! Molly has a paw shake for everyone when the Bugsy’s treats come out...she just adores them!
The quality is excellent & I’m happy knowing how good they are for her!

Beauceron Dog
Jen B
Kew, VIC Australia

With qualifications in natural canine health I'm very particular about the types of treats I give. Finding Bugsy's has been a match made in heaven!!! High quality, natural, Australian, doggy approved AND providing health BENEFITS Bugsy's are the best!
I love that I have finally found a brand that has values synonymous with mine.
As for a favourite - the girls LOVE them ALL! And one of them is FUSSY!

Old German Shepherd
Erin L
Melbourne, Australia

These treats are highly prized in our house! Mabel and George know they’ve both been good doggies when they get them. They go crazy for crispy chicken! They absolutely love it - spins, shake hands and paws up all done without asking, for some of these treats!! That’s how yummy they are.

Crispy Chicken Thins
Melbourne, Australia