1. How often and how much should I give my dog Bugsys Treats?

Treats are best given in between meal times. Smaller dogs can start off with 1 or 2 treats while larger dogs can have 2 to 3, daily. Always ensure they have access to water while having treats. If the animal is digesting it well, more can be given on the next occasion. Our treats are made with high grade proteins with no grain or carbohydrate fillers and hence its ok for the occasional over indulgence as an extra treat after a visit to the dog park, on a hike, at the beach or just lazing around at home! 
  1. How much is the recommended Bugsys Treats serving size?

When introducing a new protein to your pet's digestive system, start with a small portion (like 2) and slowly increase the portion as you go. Larger breeds are happy to take 4 or 5 in one go! Most of our treats can be broken up into smaller pieces if you think its too big for your pooch.  

  1. Which treat would be best to give my dog while training?

Our freeze-dried range (Ive Got the Power, Moo Moo, Catch Me if You Can, Running Wild) can be easily broken into training size treats and are easy to carry around! Medium to large pups can try our bite-sized Fish Nibbles treats! Check out our products here.  

  1. Oops. As a human, I accidentally ate a bite of Bugsys Treats. What will happen?
No worries, we ourselves have already tasted it! But if you must try it for yourself, you will find it very meaty and may require a bit of seasoning. This is because we dont add sugar, salt, and any artificial flavourings to our treats — all-natural is what were all about! Although we use human grade ingredients, we made the treats to please your dog. 
  1. Is Bugsys Treats for all kinds of dogs—from puppies to senior dogs?

Yes! Puppies should be showered with love and treats, especially as positive reinforcement during the training process. Just make sure to always have water ready while feeding and break up the treats into smaller pieces before giving it to your little buddy!

For Senior dogs, we recommend an anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic treat like Catch Me if You Can, and our immune system super booster, Ive Got the Power! PLUS our fabulous anti-aging and senior pet support Cordy Kang.  (Low fat, high protein Kangaroo with Cordyceps)

Cordyceps which is so good for its ability to improve respiratory health, increase oxygen uptake, boost heart healthdetoxify the body, and prevent certain types of cancer.

It slows the aging process, increases energy, and improves the immune system. Is there anything it does not do???!! 

These can be easily broken up and are soft making it great for senior dogs who prefer a lighter chew. Choose the perfect Bugsy’s Treats for your buddy here!  

  1. How do you source your meat ingredients?
We keep it local, sustainable, and ethical. Our meats are ethically-farmed or wild-caught through government-approved methods. All from the green pastures of the Australian country to the pristine waters of Australia! No chemicals, no radiation, no toxins. 
  1. Can you tell me more about the Ancient Australian Indigenous and Chinese wellness herbs?

When it comes to treats, its no secret that dogs love meat. Were taking this a notch further by enhancing our premium meats with superfoods that are proven to contain healing properties! This makes every bite of Bugsys Treats not only tasty, but healthy for your barkin’ buddy!  

  1. Can Bugsy’s Treats replace dog food?

Our treats are designed to be your pets reward for good behaviour, for reaching training milestones, and to #TreatThemWell!  Although it has the best type of proteins for your canine and feline pal, one pack of Bugsys Treats does not contain the complete spectrum of nutrients they require on a daily basis. These pet superfoods are a bit like us taking our vitamins in the morning - keeps us tip-top, younger longer and stronger.  

  1. How do I store an opened bag of Bugsys Treats?
Easy! Just make sure to zip up the pack tightly after each treat time, then pop it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight (thats out of reach from your pet)! 
  1. How long does an opened bag last before it goes bad?

Each bag should be good up until the date indicated at the back of each pack when stored properly. But if you regularly #TreatThemWell!, this really wouldnt be a problem!  

  1. Do Bugsy’s Treats contain any preservatives or additives?

Nope! Bugsy’s Treats are 100% natural and completely free from preservatives and other nasty stuff. We never use any fillers, so youre sure to get a grain-free, carb-free treat. No wheat, No chemicals, No hormones.  

  1. Can I give Bugsys Treats to a dog, or cat, thats on a raw food diet?

Yes! Our treats are either dehydrated or freeze-dried, which will make any raw-fed pet rejoice!  

  1. Will Bugsys Treats help with my dogs dental health?
If your canine needs to exercise those choppers, choose one of our crunchy and chewy treats! Mack Attack, Fish Nibbles and Queenstail Fish. Get them hereGreat for stinky breath!

  14. My dog has allergies, are any of Bugsys Treat suitable for him?

Yes! Allergy symptoms can often be soothed by introducing novel proteins like kangaroo, emu, or fish to your dog’s diet. For treats, try our Running Wild, Fish Nibbles, Fish Slithers or Mack Attack. Add them to your cart by clicking here
  1. Where can I buy Bugsys Treats?
You can click through the Bugsy Shop.
  1. How can I buy online?

With just a few quick clicks! Just browse through our online store, hit ‘Add to Cart’ on the Bugsys Treats that you want to buy, check out and pay! Simple, right? Start shopping for your next Bugsys Treats now!  

  1. Eastern Food Therapy - what is this?

Bugsy Treats is a line of holistic treats that are specifically aimed at fighting free radicals with super-antioxidants, detoxification, and anti-inflammatory support. Eastern Food Therapy, which is a natural holistic approach to wellness, underlines the philosophy of Bugsy Treats.

In short, clean raw organic meats with the Chinese Herbs, and Ancient Australian Indigenous Herbs forms part of  this Eastern Food Therapy.

These formulations with absolutely NO grains or starches of any kind, make the treats superior in the industry in terms of bio-availability to the blood and body. 

The high-tech freeze dried ‘cookies’ adds life value and wellness to all our beloved pets from newborn puppies through to the very senior family dog.

The treat's ingredients are sourced and manufactured in Australia, where the highest health standards and compliance regulations in the world. Our factory is monitored by the health department of Victoria, Australia, and our packaging is biodegradable and natural, and easy to use.

There are no Antibiotics, no Preservatives, no Hormones, no Chemicals, no Added Flavours and VETERINARY approved and certified.  

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HERE’S the DEAL: Sign up and we will email you your code for your automated order from www.theBugsyShop.com right now and you automatically become a member of our community of pet knowledge and education in our READme articles and educative best practices.

You will automatically put on the list of our member’s random acts of kindness in which you are treated with one of our amazing gifts from time to time. We like to think we treat you well. #TreatThemWell!  

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Our eBook, our lifestyle products, our educative articles, natural premium grooming products and our community membership are all here for your use. So drop us line any time. 

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