Christmas Treats: 3 Of The Best Gifts For Your Pet

Coming into the Christmas season is an exciting time of the year. The smell of mistletoe, the Christmas lights on every street, the presents under the tree. Everybody deserves to feel loved on Christmas Day (and every day)... especially your pets. 

Your pet is part of the family too and should be included in the pawsome Christmas fun. Which is why we have devised some incredible Christmas packs so they can feel just as much love as you. There are 3 of our favourite gifts for your pet this Christmas. 

Bugsy Christmas Special

The ULTIMATE bundle for your pup, including our all-time favourite Sunday Roast, so your dog can join in on the fun of Christmas Lunch. Your pup is bound to lap this up and be bouncing for joy into the New Year. 

The Special Includes:

  •  Sunday Roast - High in protein, low in fat...this is a must have for any dogs who deserve a special treat! Rosemary is a powerful antioxidant, it can promote cardiovascular health and supports digestion.
  • Veal rib Sticks - Rich in essential nutrients such as Iron, Zinc & Vitamin B12 and high in protein, these chews will keep dogs happy for hours and promote healthy teeth and gums.
  • Air-Dried Raw Beef, Chicken and Turkey Meal Topper - The best way to top off your pups meal. Bugsy's Air-Dried Raw Turkey Wholefood is a complete and balanced meal solution suitable for dogs at all life stages. At Bugsy, we use human-grade ingredients to provide the up-most well-rounded nutritional support for your pet.

Bugsy Christmas Treat Box

The Bugsy Christmas Treat Box contains a delectable assortment of our most popular treats including: 

  • Moo Moo Beef & Gojiberry 45g - Goji berries are packed with Super Antioxidants to help fight free radicals in the body. It helps boost the immune system, helps build a stronger musculoskeletal system, reduces blood glucose and cholesterol levels, protects skin and eye health, balances triglycerides which aid in heart disease prevention, improves cardiovascular health as well as prevents the growth of cancer cells and oxidative stress, as studies have shown.

  • Wooly Lamb Puffs 45g - Light, aerated, easily separated and very nutritious, our dehydrated lamb lungs are a massive hit among the vast majority of our 4 legged customers!

  • Hip Hop Kangaroo Jerky 45g - A great treat for big chewers, Hip Hop Kangaroo Tendon is a natural dental chew to help maintain oral hygiene. The back teeth are usually used to chew these, so they work well in reducing plaque build up. Rich in Protein and Glucosamine and a great source of Collagen for joints, ligaments and skin. Ideal for dogs of any size.


  • Hip Hop Kangaroo Kidney or Kangaroo Liver 45g - Dehydrated Kangaroo Liver is bursting with Omega-3 and nourishing vitamins & minerals, a low fat healthy snack for all dogs at any age. Bugsy Roo Liver treats are pure Aussie meat and 100% grain free. They can be easily broken into smaller pieces for training purposes or to suit the size of smaller breeds.

Healthy Treats - Reindeer Poo, Candy Canine, Christmas Trimmings, Santa Jaws and Shrimp Cocktail

Get your pup into the Christmas spirit with these bags of goodies, guaranteed to get their tails wagging. 

Reindeer Poo - This jolly treat is perfect for dogs on a low-fat diet. Using 100% Australian grass-fed lamb your dog will be sure to feel the love this Christmas. 

Candy Canine - Give your dog the novelty of Christmas with their version of a candy cane. Using Australian mackerel fresh off the coast of Queensland, these treats are perfect for dogs of all ages and lifestyles. Full of Omega 3 fatty acids to help your dog's coat and joints remain healthy. 

Christmas Trimmings - Delight your dog this Christmas with our special Christmas Trimmings. These delicious treats are perfect for dogs of all ages and lifestyles using human-grade meat. Organ meat is rich in vitamins B12 and folate, essential for your dogs' well-being. 

Santa Jaws - Keep your dog healthy and entertained this Christmas with our air dried shark cartilage. High in protein and full of essential amino acids, glucosamine, Omega 3 fatty acids, and calcium, this is the perfect present for older dogs or dogs who struggle with joint pain and arthritis.

Shrimp Cocktail - Let your dog join in on the Christmas fun this year with their shrimp cocktail! Full of nutrients and rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Dehydrated with no nasty ingredients, these crunchy shrimp will make the perfect addition to any Christmas meal for your pooch.

All products can be found in store or online!

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