Cordyceps: the royal mushroom's secrets health benefits (and what it means for your dog)

In ancient times, the Cordyceps mushroom was so revered for its health benefits that it was reserved only for royalty.

This extremely prized herb is well known for its anti-Cancer and anti-Tumor properties, making it the go-to supplement if your pet is diagnosed with cancer.

But that's not all. It's also a great addition to any healthy and active Dog's diet.

Cordyceps increases blood oxygen absorption, which goes a long way to improve respiratory health. Therefore, it's great for preventing or reducing the symptoms of asthma.

A renowned immune system booster, it also promotes a healthy liver and heart function, protecting those vital organs against the risk of disease.

Cordyceps might not be exclusive to royalty anymore - but your little king and queen can still have some!

We've combined the mushroom superfood with Kangaroo to make Cordy Kang - A treat your furry friend is guaranteed to love.

Perfect for older dogs aged 5+, it will keep their bodies up to speed and help them to continue living the action-packed active lifestyle they know and love.

Shop Cordy Kang now. Or check out what else we have on offer.

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