How Many Treats Should I Give My Dog?

I know we love to spoil our Dogs and feel terrible about disappointing them when they come up to you wanting a treat…They may not know we're looking out for their health after all!

So how many treats can be part of a healthy Doggy diet?

Given I sell Doggy treats, I get asked this question a lot. 

Here’s my guide to treating your Dog the way they deserve to be treated!

Bugsy’s freeze-dried range is a great way to spoil your Dog without feeling guilty about what you’re feeding them. I usually recommend that you stick to giving them 2 treats per day. However, some dogs are known to get stuck into the whole bag...If this is your fur baby, don’t worry, Bugsy treats are all-natural and can almost be a meal replacement! When I say almost, it doesn’t contain quite the amount of nutrients as a meal should, so avoid making a habit of it, even if treats are all they want.


What they shouldn’t have too much of

They say too much of anything can be bad for you, and that rings true for some common treats that are often our furry friend’s favorites. Try not to give them too much bone, as bone can dry up their digestive systems, causing them to be constipated. Too much liver can cause the opposite problem, giving them the runs. If you’re looking for a guilt-free indulgence, I recommend Jerky and Fish products.

It’s not all one size fits all, and your Dog’s size needs to be taken into consideration when treating them. I recommend 1-2 treats per day for Smaller Dogs, 3 for medium-sized Dogs and at least 4 for large Dogs.  


When To Give Your Dog Treats

Getting your Dog into a routine has immense benefits for their health and wellbeing, and incorporating treats into this routine will lead to a healthy relationship with them. 

To give you some inspiration, here’s my routine: 

  • I usually give treats as soon as I wake up, it keeps them occupied for the time being so I can get ready in peace!
  • When I’m ready I give them breakfast, with another treat after breakfast before leaving for work. 
  • I give them another treat during training. The best treats to give them while training are ones with no carbs or sugar. 
  • I give them another treat before bed.


High Value Treats: The Best Way To Treat Your Dog

Dogs get fat from carbs, not protein, so treats with high protein content such as Kangaroo Ribs are the best for them. High protein treats also go against their natural senses, so it’s something they’ll go nuts for! 

For some guilt-free treats that your Dog will love, be sure to browse through our wide range and find that special treat your Dog will love you for.

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