5 Ways To Use Treats

When it comes to treats, chances are the first thing that comes to your mind is spoiling your Dog. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that, in fact here at Bugsy we encourage it!

But there are more uses for treats that will make your Dog happier, healthier and better for being treated that every Dog owner should know about. Sound interesting? Let's leap into it!


Puppy Training

Training can be an arduous process for you and your pup. You can make it much more fun for them, and less stressful for you if you use treats as a training tool.

Puppies will be eager to please and much more receptive to learning what you want to teach if they know there's a yummy treat waiting for them at the end of the lesson.

For a treat that will turn your puppies to superstar students, I recommend Moo Moo, a delicious blend of Australian grass-fed beef and goji berries.


As a Reward

Rewarding good behavior shouldn't stop when they're all grown up, you need to reward Dogs of all ages!

If your Dog has been especially well behaved during a grooming session or agility class, reward them with a treat. After all, you're doing these things for their own good, but they might not know that...So stir up some positive associations with healthy habits by rewarding them with an equally healthy treat!

For a delectable treat that will elicit good behavior with the mere mention of it, try Little Fish



Occupy their time

If you leave them home for long periods, there's a good chance your fur baby might get bored without you. To keep them busy, and show you love them even when you're not around, give them a treat to occupy their time.

Treats that are a long-lasting chew are great for this purpose. Goat horn is the perfect treat/activity combo, just give it to them as you’re leaving the house and don't be surprised to see them still going at it when you come back.


Hunting activity treat

Another great way to keep your Dogs occupied during the day is to turn their treats into a fun treasure hunt. Remember the thrill of going on Easter egg hunts growing up, wasn't it much more exciting than if they were just given to you?

Why not give let your Dog have as much fun?!

You can do this two ways - Hiding treats around the house or in a snuffle mat so they can sniff the treats out. This is also great for cognitive stimulation, keeping their brain active as well. 

For a yummy treat they'll never get tired of hunting down, Woolly Cube Lamb Puffs are a worthy treasure.


Teeth cleaning

They love using them, so our Dog's teeth go through a lot. With the right treat, keeping those chompers in check can be one of the easiest health routines you can do.

Harder, longer, bone style chews are amazing for cleaning teeth, and will keep them in tip-top shape no matter how much they bite! The Moo Moo Bully Stick is one of those treats that'll be sure to save them a trip or ten to the dentist.

These are just some of the many positives you can get out of treating your Dog. They love it too, so why wouldn't you? For more healthy treats they'll love, be sure to check out our wide range.  

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