AIR-DRIED FOOD | 3 Reasons why it's a great choice for your dog!

Now more than ever, our dogs are a part of our family and we want to provide the best life we can for them so they can walk by our side for longer. Just like us, our pet's nutrition is the gateway to a healthy and happy life...but making decisions about their food can be confusing, time consuming and costly.

While raw feeding is undoubtedly the most species appropriate diet for our doggos, not every pet parent has the time nor the freezer space to work this into a daily routine. As a busy team of passionate animal lovers ourselves, we know the struggle all too well!

So why choose Air-Dried foods? Well here are 3 good reasons!

100% HUMAN GRADE & NUTRITIONALLY BALANCED | It's everything your dog needs.

Our canine nutrition specialist, Joanne Cooper together with a PhD Nutritionist, have taken all of the 'brain strain' and formulated our food formulations to ensure your pet has a perfectly balanced diet.

Bugsy's dry pet meals contain only human-grade meats, nutrient dense offal and dog-friendly vegetables. Each meal is 100% complete and nutritionally balanced, so you can rest assured you're feeding your pets the tastiest, most nutritious food available. 

The health benefits speak for themselves...shinier coats, stronger bones and a healthier gut. Bye Bye bad breath and itchy flaky skin!


At Bugsy's we balance our pet meals using wholefoods and not a synthetic vitamin mix, so we have complete control over our manufacturing process. 

Absolutely NO added water, preservatives, flavours, fillers, synthetic vitamins, minerals or other additives...or we guarantee your money back!


For time poor pet parents, the picky eaters or pets who struggle to transition to different types of food, air dried food can be an absolute blessing! 

Often described as 'healthy kibble', air-dried provides many benefits in terms of the ease of prepping a meal, but is also super tasty and softer in structure, so can be a great option for dogs with dental issues or senior pets. 

While air-dried food can be your dog’s main food all on it’s own, it can also be used as a meal topper, served with other delectable dog foods or a high value training treat.

Bugsy Shop Air-Dried Food Chicken

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