About Us

Our goal: to keep your furry ones walking along side you, longer. 
We're all about ensuring our pets live a long and thriving life! 
At The Bugsy Shop we are dedicated to helping pets maintain optimal health and wellness by creating clean pet food products that are all natural and chemical free. Each and every ingredient we use is carefully selected to promote health and longevity for your pet.   

Bugsy Shop Tasting Team

The Bugsy nutritional team is led by our founder and animal enthusiast, Joanne Cooper, supported by a panel of nutritional experts including qualified Veterinarians, PhD qualified pet nutritionists and world renowned herbalists.

All of our dog food products are made from Australian ingredients, are rigorously lab tested and made right here in Australia to ensure the highest quality and nutritional value for your beloved furbabies. 

Our official furry taste testing team (from left to right)...Bugsy (17), Brisket (8), Cleo (6) and Luna (4)...thoroughly scrutinize every product to ensure they're not just great quality but are totally doggilicious too!