MOLLY'S WEEKEND | The story of a big dog on little legs, with an even bigger heart!

In 2004, our family decided we needed a dog. I’ve always loved animals and am a strong believer in providing pets in need with a new home, so we started the journey to find our new companion through the pet rescue sites.

After some months of searching, we found Molly…a funny looking 12 month old Corgi X, who had been stray for some time and needed a loving home.

It wasn’t long before Molly became a central part of our family, she came to work with me every day, she protected and played with our children and she loyally became my little shadow. She grew with all of my boys, the youngest now 16 years old, never knew life without her.

Last week, a few months shy of her 18th birthday, I made the difficult and heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to my beautiful friend. She had lived a long, healthy and happy life but I could see she was telling me it was time. Her eyes said it all.

Throughout her life, Molly suffered from skin allergies and in her senior years, struggled with arthritis. The normal life expectancy for a medium breed like her is roughly 12-15 years and I firmly believe that with Jo’s help and nutritional advice, we extended and improved the quality of Molly’s life naturally through her diet.

She loved her food and more specifically her treats!
A keen lover of fish, she’d scrap with the cats for her Little Fish treats and her party trick was to sit up and wave her paws at us for her ultimate favorites, Moo Moo & Catch.

She was pretty fussy with her meals, like most old ladies, but I did manage to sneak her daily dose of  Senior + herbal supplement through which made a massive difference to her mobility. Within 6 weeks she went from struggling to get up out of her bed to chasing the cats around the house and jumping up on our beds again with the boys!

The loss of our 'Molly Moo' was felt acutely through the Bugsy team and I can’t begin to find the words to describe the space left by such a loyal and loving soul in my family and in my heart. 

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