So What Is All The Fuss?





Ancient herbs combined with clean raw human-grade meats which are freeze-dried for optimum amino acid proteins. These freeze-dried dog treats are put through this process which ‘seals’ in the protein quality and ‘seals’ out the bacterial growth and fat rancidity. 

This holistic support, because of the quality of meat and the optimum health properties of the herbs, for the pet is used in treatments of many conditions as per Ancient Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, a 2000-year science of botanical science.

If illness is apparent in any way be it physical, emotional or mental through a cause, or a blockage, or stagnation, in the flow of Qi (Pronounced CHEE, meaning energy). Then these herbs have been researched as tried and true, time honoured and productive in optimizing health and wellness recovery.

It is still a complex science and those who do it are trained and experts in the field. We have 10 years of research to know exactly the right amount of herbal content in every treat. We are expert in this knowledge. 


This form of using Ancient Healing Herbs in Dog Treats is relatively new in the industry. It can be used to work on a whole variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions.

Dogs can have depression and be emotionally unhappy or even fearful. Dogs can have pancreatitis, diabetes, skin diseases, allergies, stinky dog breath, arthritis, cancer, and more, from a diet of domestic junk food of commercial store-bought treats, and foods, to the carnivores.

Commercial dog treats are commonly sterilized with formaldehyde, and other chemicals, mixed with more salt than a bowl of chips and use genetically modified grain fillers, and, off-cuts of meats or by-products treated with more chemicals, rendered, and remedied, into ‘pretend’ meats with little or no value but creating inflammation and illnesses over time, especially in the pet’s gut. 

The medicine in the ancient herbs used in the BUGSY TREATS are commonly used in soups and stews for humans. The variety of herbs include goji berries, turmeric, ginseng, red dates, cordyceps, and the list is long, but some things to remember is that BUGSY uses clean, raw human-grade meats with no antibiotics, no hormones, tasty, nutritious, researched, free of sugar, free of salt and no preservative. 

In the system of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine every substance the dog, or cat, ingests be it food or medicine affects them in one way or another both physically and mentally. Often this can be too subtle to detect. 

However, when taken in concentrated doses, and with enough regularity and sufficiency herbs can tangibly and remarkable effect their mental wellbeing. Many herbal formulas work on the animal’s capacity and create calm in their bodies and yield good quality peaceful sleep. 

Each food or herb is classified according to the properties it has in terms of the effect of the body’s temperature, does it make heat or cold. Then regarding taste – is it bitter, sour, sweet or pungent etc?

This is not about the taste it is more about action. For example, a sour taste causes the body to gather in and hold things like sucking a lemon it makes the mouth shrink and shrivel and in which part of the body that would affect. You see it is very complex.

This is an extension of nutrition. It is a Supplement. A single herb added to a dish of food for humans in the past is the same as a formula used today.

This herbal formula may be a tea from herbs, dried herbs, small round hard powdered herbs or dry granules. In veterinary science, the herbs can be bitter and are introduced in the raw clean meat in Bugsy’s Treats. The treats are delicious, we know this, because the dogs, and cats, just love them.

The Bugsy Kitchen-Factory is very careful with grown organic foods and harvested herbs which rarely have side effects on the animal ingesting. If anything, you will notice the side effect of a happy and healthy, life-loving, family pet!



Take Home Value: Happy pet on the Herbs, No Vet Debt!

Treat them Well!

Joanne Cooper is the Senior Lead Nutritionist of Bugsy Treats at TheBugsyShop.Com; The Research and Development Accelerator; and Bugsy’s Torch Holder.

As the owner of Bugsy’s, a premium dog, and cat, treat manufacturing global company, practices holistic Eastern food therapies for dogs, and cats. After a decade of research and product development, she uses that wealth of knowledge to enhance the lives of our beloved family pets. That is everything at Bugsy’s where the prioritization of wellness and optimum health is absolute.

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