The Ultimate Guide To The Raw Food Doggy Diet

When I take my darling Black Labradors to the local Dog park, without fail, one of my fellow fur parents will always comment on how shiny their coats are. And how do they stay so shiny? It’s all in their diets!

That's why I started Bugsy Treats, I wanted all Dogs to have a diet that allows them to be as healthy as they can be. I know that getting their diet right can be hard for many Dog owners, especially because your standard dry Dog food is not exactly the best for them. After all, you wouldn’t feed yourself junk food for every meal of every day (and if you do, you’re doing it very aware it’s not the best for you...) so why would you feed your Dogs junk Dog food?

Simply put, dry Dog food isn’t part of a Dog's species-appropriate diet, they aren’t built to eat that stuff. 


“But My Dog is healthy, active and happy on a diet of dry food”

I hear this a lot from Dog owners who are apprehensive about a change in diet. I will always tell them that if they think their fur baby is full of life now, imagine how much healthier and happier they’ll be if they eat the right food!

I mean, we all have that friend who smokes, drinks and only eats junk food yet somehow they look and feel like a picture of health...But our Dog’s pain threshold is much different from a human’s. Imagine that if we feel pain on a scale of 1-10, Dogs won’t feel the pain until about 7 on that same scale. So, that hedonistic friend of ours can see the warning signs of a health problem early, which gives them the opportunity to change their lifestyle straight away. Our Dogs, however, will likely only show signs of a bad health problem when it’s almost too late to prevent it, so don’t put them through that. 

Be proactive, not reactive with your Dog’s health. Remember that you are in control of their lives, so give them the best chance of success with a species-appropriate diet.


Getting Started With A Raw Food Diet

One drawback to the raw food diet is the amount of preparation needed compared to just slapping some pellets in a bowl. 

You’ll need to be preparing food daily as if you were for yourself or the humans in your family. I know, it can get overwhelming especially if you’re already leading a busy life...But buying in bulk, preparing a few week’s worth of meals in advance and freezing it for later is a great option if you don’t see yourself making it fresh every day. 

And most importantly, just because they’re on a raw food diet doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have any treats! Bugsy’s freeze-dried range is the perfect complement to a healthy diet, and they come in a bunch of tasty flavors your Dog is sure to love! Who said raw food diets were boring? Visit our store and browse our healthy treat range!

Spoiled for choice and not sure which one to get? Try a treat bundle and let them find their new favorite!

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