Our Philosophy

Bugsy's Approach

The Bugsy team comprises Vets, PhD Nutritionist and certified herbalist with Joanne Cooper at the helm. Together they are committed to the creation of all natural, healthy and sustainable products for your four legged family member.

Complete Pet Meals, Functional Treats & Healthy Snacks

Our complete and balanced Pet Meals, Functional Treats and Healthy Dehydrated Snack range is built on the philosophy of Food Therapy; founded on the concept of “You are what you eat” and “Let food be thy medicine”.

We incorporate ancient Eastern and Western healing philosophies along with a back to basics approach to health. We believe nutrition is the first line of defence against cancer, common diseases, and other easily avoidable ailments in our pets.

The result is a range of high value, holistic treats that are designed specifically to:

  • Slow down the process of ageing by fighting free radicals with super-antioxidants
  • Combat environmental pollutants and toxins by detoxification
  • Maintain optimum health by providing anti-inflammatory support