RAW FOOD: Why fresh is best for your pet

We understand how confusing, tiring and time consuming it can be trying to understand what foods are best for your pet. We want to take the hard work out of deciding and provide you with the tools and resources necessary to feed your dog with confidence.  

After all, we understand dogs. 

A good, balanced diet is essential for your dog's health.

A raw diet can take your dogs overall health from a 3/10 to 10/10, however it is essential that you are purchasing from a brand you can wholeheartedly trust. Knowledge is power. 

So, let’s break down why fresh is best for your pet and why you should consider a raw based diet. 

What is a B.A.R.F Diet? 

B.A.R.F (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) is a naturally raw, non-processed method of feeding your pet. The ingredients are non-heated, do not contain any insects and derive from animal and vegetable sources [1]. 

Why can’t I feed my dog what I eat?

To keep it short and sweet, humans are omnivores and dogs are more carnivores than they are omnivores. We see this in the difference in teeth structure. Dogs in the wild, for millions of years, have lived off a raw meat diet. For dogs, having a raw diet is extremely natural for them. 

The NRC (Nutritional Research Council) discovered that dogs do not require carbohydrates in their diet. However, 30%-60% of supermarket grade pet foods that are vet approved contain carbohydrates [2]… but why?

Let’s discuss the dog's anatomy. Dogs have a smaller digestive tract than humans and break all of their food down in their small intestine… the total opposite to humans. Therefore, we should not be feeding them carb rich foods. Feeding your pet carb rich foods can increase your dogs chance of becoming obese which adds risk to the health of your dog overall. 

Our Findings:

There is actually little to no research concluding that a raw diet is dangerous for your dog. In fact, in one 2021 paper it concluded that B.A.R.F. was highly digestible due to the better adaptation of the digestive tract to this type of food [3].

Our Recommendation:

A check from your vet is essential. If your pet is healthy, a raw diet will be able to take them to that next level. 

We use HUMAN GRADE, NUTRITIONALLY BALANCED ingredients that are easy to work with and extra delicious for your doggo. Along with the health benefits, we use premium raw food, ethically sourced from trusted local Victorian producers. 

Here is your Ultimate Guide to getting started with a Raw Food Diet; 

STEP 1: Include ⅝ meat within the diet. Whether that be chicken, lamb, pork, duck, rabbit, kangaroo, beef, turkey or fish. 

STEP 2: Include 2/8 organs. Some ideas include kidney, spleen, pancreas, brain, eyes or heart. 

STEP 3: Include ⅛ veggies within the diet. Including carrots, peas and green beans. 

PREMIUM RAW | BEEF Meal for Dogs.

PREMIUM Raw | CHICKEN Meal for Dogs

BASICS Raw | KANGAROO Essential Pet Mince for Dogs 

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