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Do you have a dog that is hyperactive, nervous and noticeably anxious?

Bugsy's Canine Calming Aid is an all natural supplement designed to assist the nervous and/or overly excited dog.

Containing a unique blend of ingredients proven to systemically calm the nervous system, this formulation is effective in relieving canine stress, tension, anxiety and irritability, as well as addressing issues with over stimulation and over excitement.

Bugsy's Calming formula promotes a sense of calm and balance ensuring your dog's happiness and well-being.

Active Ingredients:

Certified Organic Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)
Antispasmodic that helps relieve tension both physically and emotionally, Helps with that whiney,  complaining personality.

Organic Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata)
Help calm over excitement and irritation. Works with the central nervous system and the brain to relieve  tension and stress.

Skullcap Root Powder (Scutellaria lateriflora)
Works with congestion of the nervous system calming irritability and excitement. Brings down overstimulation and nervous tension.

Organic Vervian Leaf and Flower (Verbena officinalis)
Vervain helps calm nervous exhaustion, balancing to the nervous system.

Organic California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)
Helps ease aches and pains, calms nervous agitation and promotes relaxation.

Lions Mane Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus) to help repair nerve damage, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and protect against dementia

Organic Carob for palatability; it's a tasty and safe alternative to chocolate for doggies!

Formulated by Rita Hogan.

Dosage: 1/4 tsp for every 4kg body weight

Caution: Not to be used for dogs with diabetes, when pregnant or lactating. Always consult your vet when starting a new health regime. 

Trina and Sushi     

I have a Frenchie that is allergic to almost everything. Trying a new treat means I will probably see him covered in hives after 30 minutes. One thing I love about Bugsy Treats is that I can feed him anything in your range with peace of mind. Our favourite is the Fish Slithers. Not sure why, but he sits pretty for it when I pull the treat bag out of the cupboard. It’s a win win situation, no hives and he gets a dose of omega 3! Highly recommended to all puppers out there!

Trina and Sushi, Melbourne


My dogs like the cookies style treats best, like "Catch me if you can" and "I've Got the power".

The difference is Bugsy's Treats snacks look and feel very homemade and I love that. You can see clearly the ingredients and there is no added preservatives or colouring to the treats. Unlike some other dog treats in the market that make treats
look like bacon or cheese or sausage, Bugsy's Treats snacks look like
so fresh. It's all natural, and I believe in the power of herbs and real food for dogs.
And of course my dogs love to eat them cuz they taste good too!

Many thanks!

Tansy Tom, Hong Kong 



Our Billy, a Poodle, has pancreatitis, skin allergies, losing his sight and was very ill. We switched all foods to Joanne's recipe and the Bugsy Treats we bought from TheBugsyShop.Com In the space of 4 months we could see the difference. He was happier, his pancreatitis became less sensitive to no reaction and his itchy skin became less intense - just a random good ol scratch from time to time. We are amazed at the difference this has made. He runs around again and is like his old self after a long time being lethargic. I have told everyone about the Bugsy Treats. Even our Molly the Rag-doll cat eats Billy's treats!
So happy here, Thanks Joanne.

Bronwyn Holm, Gold Coast, Australia



Bonnie is a Golden Labrador who started having the treats about 3 months ago. Even such a short time we find her golden thick coat is thicker, shiner and healthy. Bonnie has a fresh breath and sparkling eyes. We noticed these changes since giving the treats as the only change and taking her off commercial filler foods. We are so glad we did. She is gorgeous.

Lauren Beddoes, Toowoomba, Australia

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