Dietary Supplements for dogs & cats

No matter how healthy we are, we can always benefit from boosting our antioxidants, anti-inflammatory support or immune health...and not surprisingly, the same philosophy applies to our pets! 

Bugsy's have tirelessly researched and formulated a range of all natural targeted supplements to assist with your pet's health and wellness. If your dog suffers from arthritis, separation anxiety, allergies or skin issues, we've got a range of herbal supplements that will bring a wide spectrum of health benefits. It's like 'multivitamins for dogs'! 

The all natural supplements developed at Bugsy Pet Supplies provide essential nutrients, extracted from natural food sources. The are many advantages for including supplements in your dog’s diet.

  • A joint supplement for dogs is an organic compound designed to benefit those dogs who have reached a point in their life where they have limited mobility and suffer from stiffness & joint pain.
  • Supplements that are specifically made to treat joint pain can rapidly improve the quality of life of pets.
  • Alongside active ingredients, there are many supplements containing vitamins and minerals that support healthy skin and coat. 
  • Supplements also provide vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain a healthy immune system.

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